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The land where Caravaggio lies is dotted by the so-called line of fontanili, spring waters rising from the ground. The Fontanile Brancaleone Nature Reserve is perhaps the most famous. It has been a protected area since 1984 and it is designated as a Site of Community Importance. It lies near the farm Cascina Gavazzolo (northeast of Caravaggio, towards Masano). From there, water flows in ditches across the land.

The nature reserve is home to various species of plants, flowers, and animals. Nightingales, chaffinches, turtledoves, blackbirds, pheasant, as well as frogs, toads, and newts, to name a few, are frequently encountered. Pikes and rainbow trouts have also been spotted. Numerous species of crustaceans live here as well.

Visits are permitted with prior approval of the reserve managing body and are allowed only along the prepared and signposted routes.

Location: intersection between via Masano and via Pagazzano, along the Milan-Verona railway line. It lies approximately 2.5 km (1.55 mi) from the A35 Brebemi motorway exit for Bariano, approximately 4 km (2.48 mi) from Vidalengo train station. The nearest parking spaces are in via Pagazzano, Masano.

For information please contact the Cultural Office (Ufficio Cultura) at or at +39 0363 356213, or visit the internet webpage of Fontanile Brancaleone Nature Reserve


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