Cemetery of Sant'Eusebio - COMUNE DI CARAVAGGIO

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The Caravaggio cemetery is named after Saint Eusebio. The construction in neoclassical style began in 1839 and the project was expanded at a later time. The front side chapel is decorated with frescoes by the painters Enrico Scuri and Giovanni Moriggia, and it houses local painter Luigi Cavenaghi’s tomb. Among other fine works of art in the cemetery are those by contemporary local artist Trento Longaretti and Enrico Pancera who created the Monza memorial to Italian soldiers.

The cemetery is open to the public during the opening hours in deference to the sacred nature of the place.

Location: via Sant’Eusebio, approximately 3 km (mi) from Caravaggio train station and from the A35 Brebemi motorway exit.
The nearest parking spaces are in the cemetery car park.

For information please contact the Cultural Office (Ufficio Cultura) at cultura@comune.caravaggio.bg.it or at +39 0363 356213.

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