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The Caravaggio public primary school, named after the painter Michelangelo Merisi, opened in 1912. It lies in the town centre, where the ancient rocca, a fortified small castle, used to be located until it was demolished in the 1800s. The façade in Liberty style has many frescoes, which were brought to light when the front side was restored. Among them, one depicts a school in futuristic style.
The school was temporarily converted to a military hospital and military depot during both World Wars. It was in that period that the earlier iron gate was lost. With its 500 pupils, it is Caravaggio’s biggest primary school.

Location: Piazza Antonio Locatelli, approximately 1 km (0.62 mi) from the A35 Brebemi motorway exit and from Caravaggio train station. The nearest parking spaces are in Circonvallazione Seriola, in Piazza Antonio Locatelli and in Largo Donatori di Sangue.

The school is not open to the public. For information please contact the Cultural Office (Ufficio Cultura) at or at +39 0363 356213.


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