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This 13th-century palace is the Caravaggio town hall. In the past it was the Marchioness Palace as it was the residence and administrative centre of the Marquises of Caravaggio from the Sforza family from the 1500s to late 1700s. Michelangelo Merisi’s family, who had connections with the Sforza, is believed to have lived in the Palace when Caravaggio was under the Sforza’s domination. After the Sforza, it was the residence of other families of noblemen. The last owners were the Gallavresi, the family which the palace is named after, who owned it until the 1930s, when the town administration bought it. The Palace has served as the Caravaggio town hall since then.

The structure, interior, furnishings and appearance underwent major changes over time.

It houses a picture gallery with paintings dating back to the late 15th and 20th centuries. Among them there are altarpiece panel paintings, portraits, frescoes, drawings, bronze plaques, and busts.



Location and visitor information

Some parts of the Palazzo Gallavresi are open to the public during the town hall opening hours.
Guided tours are organized in spring, autumn and on special occasions.

Location: Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi 1, approximately 1 km (0.62 mi) from Caravaggio train station and from the A35 Brebemi motorway exit. The nearest parking spaces are in Piazza Garibaldi and in Largo Donatori di Sangue.

For information or planning group visits please contact the Cultural Office (Ufficio Cultura) at or at +39 0363 356213.

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